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VA Benefits

Many people are surprised to find out that the Veteran’s Administration offers a generous pension to those who served our country during a period of war. This pension is also available to spouses of veterans and widows of veterans. It’s called Aid and Attendance and there are four criteria that seem simple at the outset. 

The criteria, generally, are: 1) service time during a period of war; 2) the need for some health care help by the attendance of someone else; 3) income standards; and 4) asset standards. Qualifying for this benefit is not quite as simple. 

The law is more nuanced as to how to qualify. Many people incorrectly assume that the right question to ask is, "Do I qualify for Aid and Attendance?" The better question to ask is, "How can I qualify for Aid and Attendance?" 

To determine whether you qualify, or how to qualify for this benefit, you should be speak to an attorney accredited with the Veteran's Administration. You can find my accreditation here

 My grandparents

My grandparents

I am the granddaughter of two U.S. Army Veterans. Both of my grandfathers fought in World War II. As an example, my grandfather (the handsome man pictured above) would have qualified for Aid and Attendance due to his service time, and as his health required the care of someone else. If my grandmother was also living at the time, he would have qualified for the married pension rate. If just he was living at the time, he would have qualified for a single Veteran's pension rate, and if just my grandmother was living at the time, she would have qualified for a pension as the surviving spouse of a Veteran. 

This pension is not widely publicized. I find that many of the clients I have helped to receive the pension had no idea it existed until I told them about it in my office. 

Feel free to contact me to set up an appointment to learn if you or someone you care about could qualify for this pension.