Have you planned for your family in your absence? Have you protected your assets from a disability? Have you sought professional advice? 


What is estate planning?

Traditional estate planning considers how assets are distributed at the death of an individual. Aspects of traditional estate planning are important when considering any Elder Law Estate Plan.

When is it too late?

We like to say that it is never too late, but when your entire life's savings is at stake it's never too early to start.

Help Yourself

The government is not in the business of saving people money. In this area there are two sets of rules: one for the informed, and another for the uninformed. Arm yourself with information.


Practice Areas

Long Term Care Planning

Don't lose everything if you become disabled. 


Avoid settlement costs and estate taxes.

Asset Protection

Protect your house and your most valuable assets. 

Powers of Attorney

Determine who controls your assets and makes decisions regarding your care. 

Veterans’ Benefits

Stay in your home and receive a pension.

Special Needs Planning

Plan for those who need it most. 


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