Elder Law
The problem with traditional estate planning is that it does not consider all of the problems that people face.  Many people often have a sudden or unexpected health care crisis that requires a different strategy than they had in their original estate plan. Many good estate plans have to be dismantled when an individual faces expenses from a medical crisis or long-term disability.  Elder law encompasses traditional estate planning tactics and contemplates costs associated with long-term disabilities or medical expenses.

What does Elder Law consider?
An Elder Law Attorney can provide options to individuals trying to plan for a crisis, facing a crisis, or families dealing with the same.  Potential issues are:

1.     Asset protection
2.     Appointing an advocate
3.     Maintaining independence
4.     In-home care
5.     Long-term care in a facility
6.     Veteran’s benefits
7.     Medicaid
8.     Taxation
9.     Death

Who needs an Elder Law Attorney?
The short answer is just about everyone.  Many people are under the mistaken belief that they have “too much” or “not enough” money for this type of planning.  The truth is that anyone who is worried about protecting his or her assets from the government needs to speak with an Elder Law Attorney. 

What is at stake?

When is it too late?
We like to say that it is never too late.  However, there are some very sad scenarios where individuals have taken some bad advice from someone without expertise in this area that came at a steep price: their entire life savings.

Help yourself
The government is not in the business of saving people money.  In this area there are two sets of rules:  one for the informed, and another for the uninformed.  Arm yourself with information. 

How can I begin to prepare?
You will know most of the information the Elder Law Attorney will ask off hand.  Getting a plan in place is the most important task.